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Save money

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Comparison service

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Free consulting service

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Purchase a iGen life insurance and save money with annual tax deductions

End of the year is coming soon, a season of taxing, don’t wait for The Revenue Department to ask for it. A lot of you are looking for a free tax calculator that are easy to understand, you come to the right place, because you could pay your taxes online these days, so why not calculate it online as well? rabbit finance have a free services for everyone who’s interesting.
Personal Income Tax had an annually changes as The Revenue Department policies dictate. The most changes usually are about income tax deduction. You could read the changes easily via rabbit finance, as we are a legitimate non-life and life insurance that could reduce your taxes. That’s why we provide you with a tax calculator.
Besides, we also provide an information about financial management and how to handle your personal income taxes correctly in both life insurance glossary and rabbit finance blog. You could also look through variation of insurance, investment and financial articles as well.



Buying life insurance just to reduce your personal income taxes become a trends, ordinary choices that everyone familiar with, especially when the end of the years is closing by. It’s the reason why rabbit finance provide our customers with tax calculator services, to maximize your benefits after purchase a life insurance with us.

How much could life insurance save? Another famous question when people think about life insurance policies as an investment, which isn’t wrong. Your premium could be use as a income tax deduction, as much as you paid but not more than 100,000 THB. There is only “Retirement Insurance” that has a different condition, deduce 15% of the income taxes but not more than 200,000 THB per years. These are the information from The Revenue Department website and could change all the time.

There are more things that could help your income tax deduction plans, such as mutual fund like Long Term Fund (LTF) or Retirement Mutual Fund (RMF) etc. A life insurance is an another choices that are very well-received in Thailand, because of the goverment supports and its benefits.



Whether it is a life insurance or non-life insurance, the benefits is rich both directly and not, especially when products are full with benefits and advantages more than the products itself. Life insurance itself already fills with goods and benefits, though most of the advantages if for the beneficiary, but that doesn’t mean it got no value what so ever.

Beside direct benefits like Personal Income Tax deduction and the compensation money, life insurance these days had so many choices and variation of products such as:

  • Saving Life Insurance

  • Retirement Life Insurance

  • Unit Link Life insurance (Investment life insurance)

The reason there’re more choices is to gives more benefits to the consumer. You could apply a life insurance for saving or to plans your emergency financial plan for your family. It’s obvious that you could also use it as a personal income tax deduction as well, the only different is its unique benefits and quotes.

You see that life insurance is a great way to implement a plan with great leverages, mostly to the beneficiary. It is unavoidable, but preparable. Apply for life insurance today to receive your personal income tax deduction, create a safety net for your love one.


E-commerce becomes a main channel for consumer these days. As an online brokerage, rabbit finance determine to gives Thai consumer a new breath to life insurance product, which still sticks with the old image due to its complicated terms and conditions. We provide an information about insurance and free consultant, as well as variation services from purchasing insurance and tax calculator.

  • Special life insurance quotes from leading insurers brands, only from rabbit finance

  • Pick your gifts and privileges from every policies.

  • Life insurance quotes could be use as personal income tax deduction up to 100,000 THB (Conditions is different with Retirement Insurance)

  • Variation of choices that suitable with every of your needs.

  • Omise, international standard security system to kept your personal information a secrecy.

  • Free consults relevant to insurance and online financial transaction.

These offers and benefits would easily be yours, start today by choosing rabbit finance services.

Rabbit finance is an online brokerage with the best alliances, whether it is a financial institute, banks, insurers, fintech business and much more partners that gave us great offers and privileges. It is the reason why rabbit finance could offer our clients the best offers with the best privileges.

We partners with leading life insurers brand like Krungthai Axa life insurance or Muangthai life insurance, including non-life insurance such as Viriyah Insurance or Synmunkong Insurance. To gives our client a qualify products. This tax calculator also helps anyone who had a life insurance and could use it as a tax deduction leverages.

By choosing a great policies from a leading brands created more reliable images. You don’t have to be worry from any bad press or news about life insurance. Insurers like Krungthai Axa or Muangthai life insurance have a reputation to uphold, especially with after-sale services. Then rabbit finance provides a special gifts and privileges, especially for clients who never had a life insurance before.



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