Why Rabbit Finance?

Saving with rabbit finance

Saving with rabbit finance

Decide for a life insurance with rabbit finance and benefit of high savings and tax deductions
Comparison service

Comparison service

Compare different life insurance plans of Thailand's leading and most trusted insurers
Free advice service

Free advice service

Our service staff will help you to find the most suitable insurance plan for your needs

Savings and benefits

Retirement provision

Be financial secured in higher ages with our pension insurances

Education saving

Start saving today for the education of your children

Excellent benefit options

Save money with exclusive benefits of rabbit finance's life insurances

Tax deduction savings

Receive a tax deduction up to 300.000 THB with one of our life insurances

Life Insurance plans

Muang Thai Super Saving 14/7

With this plan you receive a annual repayment with at the end of every year

Krungthai-AXA iProtect S

The easy way to built a heritage for your children with only 18 baht per day

Muang Thai Smile Retirement

Financial security in your retirement with insurance plans starting from 300 THB

Customer reviews

The other insurance websites are normally annoying and hard to navigate, but not Rabbit Finance website. They provided useful information in an easy-to-understand format.



The website itself is easy to understand even it has lots of details. I only needed a short time to get all necessary info from it. What an effective website!



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