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rabbit finance can save your money
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We have exclusive deals and best prices nationwide, guaranteed! You can save up to 50% on car insurance. You wont find a cheaper quote with any other broker in Thailand, nor by going directly to the insurance brands!


We compare quotes from 30+ insurance brands (normal broker compare 5-10 brands)! We use technology, to match your needs and budget with the most suitable car insurance quotes, in 30 seconds! The service is 100% free, easy!



When you buy car insurance from Rabbit Finance, you will receive a free gift (T&C apply). Please enquire with our insurance agents, which gifts are currently available. Popular gifts include gas card and car video cameras!


BMW, 3 series, Type 1

It is the right solution to find insurance to meet customer needs. Good price. It saved lots of my money.

21,824 ฿ Save 4,325 ฿
17,499 ฿
Honda, Civic, Type 2+

Staff took good care of me and policy arrived very fast. I just love the price. It is so much cheaper when compared to others

6,000 ฿ Save 1,800 ฿
4,200 ฿
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Save Up To 4,325 Baht/Year Price Start at 1,250 Baht
Select your car
Terms and conditions of gift apply per our rabbit finance policy.
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Type 1 covers any damage to your vehicle, third party’s injury and vehicle in an event of an accident, and any damages to your vehicle in case of fire, theft, or flood.

Type 1 Insurance that are being offered by the insurance companies are very similar, in choosing the insurance that best match what you're looking for, Rabbit Finance can help compare the policies and prices from over 30 insurance companies to assist you in making the best choice.

Car insurance type 1 covers all the benefits, more than any other types of insurance. Different companies offer different conditions.

Great platform with a lots of details. Took care of the best offers you could look for.

Type 1 Insurance is the most popular type of insurance as it has the highest level of coverage. Suitable for almost all types of vehicles. You can easily compare Viriyah insurance prices on Rabbit Finance in just 30 seconds!