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Very convenient and help me save much time. Good price. It saved lots of my money.

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Honda, Civic, Type 2+

Staff took a good care of me and very responsive. Policy arrived fast and price is much cheaper compared to others

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4,200 ฿
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In Thailand, there are over 100 insurance company. There’s also a leading brand, such as Viriyah, Safety and Bangkok have existed for almost 100 years. Lately, more and more overseas companies have moved into Thailand. There are simple too many quotes for you to choose from.

Due to variety of production from the companies mentioned above, buying new car insurance is a fuss, leaving you wondering whether you have got the best deal. Each insurer has their pros and cons whether it be premium or after service benefits, but the key is to look for the most suitable policy for your car.

Online brokers such as 'rabbit finance' gather all of the information you need to find the best insurance for you. We insist on being the middle-man that helps every car owner. We have more than 30 leading insurance brands. You will get your quote within one minute after a few simple clicks. Before 'rabbit finance' you would have to contact each company individually, we solve this problem. Saving you time, effort and money.

On top of quote comparison, we also offer 'premium discounts' and free gifts. For example, you could receive a free gas voucher or a front side camera, just for using our service. We also use an 'SSL' security system to protect your personal information and have a fully operational customer service team to support you through the insurance buying process.

We have done the research, and we know that we can provide the lowest insurance prices in the market, safely and quickly, allowing you to spend your time on more important things.

Our business partners are not only motor insurance companies, we also partner with leading banks, life insurers and ecommerce businesses. Every partner we have also provides our customers special privileges and services to deliver them the best experience possible. We guarantee that if you use our service, you will get something more than at any other broker.

In Thailand, each auto insurance policy has a different level of protection. On top of this, there is two types of auto insurance, mandatory and volunteer.

  • Type 1 is the most expensive but offers the greatest amount of protection.
  • Type 2 only protects other parties in the event of an accident.
  • Type 3 offers the least level of protection, but is also the cheapest.
  • Type 2+ is similar to type 1, however offers slightly less coverage and is slightly cheaper.
  • Type 3+ is a mix between 3 and 2+, it is cheap but the conditions are not favorable

We know motor insurance better than anyone in the market, understanding that every insurance type provides different levels of protection, benefits and pricing. Due to our superior knowledge, we know exactly how to tailor the correct policy to suit your exact situation.

For many, trying to understand motor insurance is a tedious and boring commitment. Because of this, they often end up giving up and settling for a policy which is not 100% suited to their current situation and needs.

At rabbit finance, we want to help educate you on the motor insurance market, so that you can become as savvy as us and select the most suitable policy for your needs. We have built a glossary section where you can learn about everything from 'deductible cost' to the various types of car insurance. It is simple, easy and straight forward, without this knowledge, you are susceptible to the confusing sales tactics of the insurance industry.

If after browsing our glossary you are still confused and do not understand, we also have a service center that can answer any question free of charge.

Driving can be dangerous, when you own a car, auto insurance is one of the most important things you can do to make sure you and your car are protected in case the worst happens. It is a worthy investment.

Car insurance is split into two sections, mandatory and voluntary. Mandatory motor insurance is enforced by law. Voluntary insurance is an investment in your safety and that of your car, though not enforced by law like the former, it should not be overlooked. Often, voluntary insurance has far superior coverage to that of mandatory. You pay for what you get and motor insurance is an investment in the future.

We compare motor insurance to something like a safety net. Maybe you believe you will not be involved in an accident, however you never know, and you do not want to look back wishing you had made the investment. Let us help you to stay safe on the roads and live a happier life knowing you are protected from the worst.