Why rabbit finance?

Best value

Best value

Get special deals, only offered to rabbit finance customers.

Trusted OIC broker

Trusted OIC broker

We are a registered brokerage with life and non-life license. Part of the BTS Group

Best service

Best service

If you have any questions or problems, please contact us. We will help you!

Our product comparisons


Car Insurance Comparison

Special deals for rabbit finance customers start from only 1,899 THB

Citi Personal Loan

Get up to 1.5 million THB with the minimum interest rate 15.99%

Muangthai's Saving Insurance

Short-term saving with cashback 20% when purchase by Rabbit Line Pay

Citi Credit Card

Free! ultimate trolley bag size 20" value 5,490 THB

Customer Reviews

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Thong Chai

 42, Ubon Ratchathani, Isuzu D-Max


It doesn't matter if I use my car in connection with work or family, due to rabbit finance I am fully covered on every trip. It is a nice feeling to not worry about anything!

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24, Bangkok, Cancer sever

I'm looking for health insurance that fits with my lifestyle for a long time until I used the service of rabbit finance. I got my Critical Illness Insurance and some nice giveaways from the company


reviewer photo


28, Chiang Mai, Credit Card


I really like rabbit finance because they compare all the offer of credit card very clearly and now I got my credit card, I'm so happy and the company very impressed me

How it works

Choose from our total supply

Choose from our total supply

The service of rabbit finance includes different types of insurance as well as loans and credit cards

Compare different providers

Compare different providers

With rabbit finance you are able to compare Thailand’s leading financial providers in seconds

Find the best deal

Find the best deal

Exclude the not suitable offers in the overview and choose the best policy for your needs

LINE @rabbitfinance

บริการ rabbit finance is the sub-diary of BTS, a company which is respected and excellent. As a financial broker that provide services and insurance products, we have the same information and skills in Thai market just like BTS. We provide free consults via every channel for our customers, whether it’s a phone call, online survey or even Facebook. We’re ready to be your financial consultant without any charges, this is what rabbit finance offers:

Besides a personal insurance, we also provide a quote for companies or organization. Rabbit finance has a resource and manpower to deliver any needs for our customers, especially when it comes to group insurance or business insurance. We have an expert consultant on each field of business respectively, for anyone who’d like to plant a long-term financial model for yourself.

Personal insurance, Life insurance, Health insurance or even group insurance, rabbit finance collaborate with our business partners to considered the cheapest, best quotes for our customers, then let you choose and decide for yourself via our online comparison services. Our quotes are accessible via smartphone, desktop computers or even an old subtle ways like a phone call.


We are legitimate insurance brokers that grant every insurer permits as according to laws.

This is the quotes that rabbit finance offers.

Our products or quotes are the well-received offers from the insurance company, with our special premiums that you will not find any place else. We guarantee that rabbit finance is NO.1 Online insurers in Thailand.

Beside insurance market, financial plans are also rabbit finance specialty. We provide an online personal loan services, which makes a complicated matter looks easier, with online comparison services, whether it will be a student loan, debts loan, business loan etc. All you have to do is fill in a simple information such as:

  1. How much you want
  2. Length of the loan
  3. Monthly income

After, you will have to put in basic information such as names, email and phone numbers. Then compares your most suitable offers, which come in 2 ways as

  • Personal Loan
  • Cash card

As it suit your needs, you will notice and be clarify on each pros/cons for each offer. Though it will not be as fast as shark loan, but it is legitimate and benefits you the most.

When you want to ask for a loan, signing a contracts, one of the most crucial steps is to plans your financial status and investment correctly, which is not as simple as it sounds. To be successful, experience and marketing knowledge became an important subject. Rabbit finance voluntarily to be your personal financial consultant, both personally and company scale, insurance and financial plans, especially for upcoming business like SME or Start up where you have so many rivalry.


Retirement is something that you should be considering, not only for yourself but a long-term plans for everyone that you love, or family members that you have to taking cares of. Life insurance or small investment with small risks have a widely choices, more than you ever though. That’s why rabbit finance could jump in and helps you making a tough decision.


You could contact us by fill in the information about products or financial services that you interested in, wait for our staffs to reach back, or ask your question via online service center which open 24 hours.

Finance, Insurance and investment often fills with weird technical terms that you never seen, never use before, which are incomprehensible. The problems that even a great consultant can’t solve or easily explains for everyone, unless you are able to understand it by yourself.  Glossary section will helps you understand each meaning of each words, more than listening to the insurers who always want to sell you the quotes.


Beside glossary, rabbit finance blog are another education section, filled with edutainment articles. The themes will often shows the case study or a tips on how to manage your financial status, easier to understand, and more enjoyable to read, compared to Glossary which works like a dictionary.


As your financial consultant. We want everyone to learn and self-educate in financial and investment business, for yourself, for you to plans your own steady plans, both in short and long-terms.

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